April 17, 2023—The Grand Canyon Visitor Center–IMAX Theater, located one mile from the South Rim Park Entrance, has reopened its Giant Screen Theater after installing IMAX® with Laser, IMAX’s most advanced theater experience. The theater opens with the new release of Grand Canyon: Rivers of Time. IMAX® with Laser will give guests visiting Grand Canyon crystal clear IMAX laser projection and next generation IMAX precision sound to transport them into this natural wonder of the world like never before.

Grand Canyon: Rivers of Time is shown on a giant six-story high screen and takes the viewer on a journey through time at one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. From Native American mythology and geologic explanations, we explore the origins of this great canyon. The human history of the Canyon comes alive through dramatic recreations, starting with the first inhabitants, the Ancient Puebloans whose civilization mysteriously disappeared. Travel through time to experience the “discovery” of the Canyon by Spanish conquistadors, frontiersmen, and John Wesley Powell as he and his men plunge down the never-before conquered whitewater rapids of the Colorado River. Nostalgic photos of visitors from as early as the 1890’s, the animals of the region, and soaring flights above the Canyon round out this deep dive beyond the rim of this great canyon. This new film has been digitally reimagined specifically for the new proprietary IMAX® 4K laser projection system to take advantage of the increased resolution, brightness, deeper contrast as well as the most distinct, exotic colors ever available on-screen.

The Grand Canyon Theater features several additional moviegoing enhancements including the installation of next-generation IMAX precision 12-channel sound, with new side and overhead channels that deliver greater dynamic range and precision for the ultimate in audio immersion.

With IMAX with Laser, guests at the Grand Canyon Theater can now experience:

  • Sharpness: Experience incredible detail in every image with a sharper, clearer and crisper picture that delivers a heightened level of realism on the biggest screens.
  • Brightness: Laser brings an increased level of brightness to fill the IMAX screens with the most vivid and lifelike images.
  • Contrast: Dramatically greater contrast levels in each frame provides a level of depth that draws audiences into the movie.
  • Color: The widest range of colors available, with deeper and richer colors in IMAX than ever before.
  • Sound: Whether it’s a pin drop or feeling the heart-palpating force of the Colorado River rapids, with next-generation IMAX precision sound, audiences will experience a new kind of powerful, immersive sound they can feel.

The Visitor Center also provides:

  • Grand Canyon information and time saving tips from local experts
  • Area maps
  • National Park pass sales
  • Free Grand Canyon National Park Shuttle Service (seasonal)
  • Explorers Café with Pizza Hut® Express
  • Canyon Creamery – Premium Ice Cream and Treats
  • Adventure Store with unique gifts and products such as Columbia®, Yeti®, and Kuhl®
  • Pink Jeep® ground tours

The GRAND CANYON VISITOR CENTER® is located on Highway 64 in the small community of Tusayan, one mile south of the South Rim Entrance to Grand Canyon National Park and is open daily from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. For more information on our services visit our website at explorethecanyon.com.