August 18, 2015—Giant Screen Films and K2 Communications are pleased to announce that Journey to Space has surpassed $10M in international box office in the first six months of release. Launched in February, the film continues to draw large audiences at science centers, museum cinemas and aquariums with no signs of slowing down.

Journey to Space marks GSF and K2’s entree into the space film genre, and we are thrilled by the reception the film has received by both cinema programmers and audiences,” said Don Kempf, President of Giant Screen Films. “In today’s museum cinema market, it is rare to hit this milestone only six months into a run. It’s a testament to how much this film and topic resonates with audiences. So long as humans aim to reach Mars, Journey will continue to inspire and continue to perform.”

“We are very encouraged by the level of enthusiasm for Journey to Space. The per theater performance averages are off the charts, rivaling the all-time performers in GSF and K2's catalogs,” said Mark Kresser, President of K2 Communications. “I encourage all museum programmers that have yet to book Journey to contact their colleagues presently showing the film. Many will attest that it's the film of the year—with no signs of slowing down.”



Journey to Space is a timely celebration of space exploration, a tribute to international cooperation in space research and a vision toward our near-term future beyond Earth’s orbit—a manned mission to Mars within a generation. The film is a capstone space film, building on the groundbreaking and seminal giant screen space productions of the past 30 years—films that are themselves a part of our proud history in space, beautifully and inspiringly chronicling the space shuttle orbiter program, MIR, the International Space Station and the Hubble telescope. Journey to Space recognizes these accolades in the context of our future in space, what we’ve learned, and how to apply this knowledge to deep space missions. 

Journey to Space is presented by Toyota and Boeing and produced in association with the Giant Dome Theater Consortium. Additional production support and consultation was provided by The Smithsonian Institute, The Kennedy Space Center and NASA. The Educator Guide was produced in partnership with the California Science Center.



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Source: Giant Screen Films