K2 Communications has announced production of two new fully
funded films.

Angkor—The Lost Empire of Cambodia

A civilization that rose to become the envy of the world,
only to disappear … a mystery waiting to be unlocked by modern
archaeologists, scientists and explorers. 

Following an epic spree of religious building whose scale
and ambition rivals the pyramids of Egypt, Angkor is the scene of one of the
greatest vanishing acts of all time. The Khmer kingdom lasted from the 9th to
the 15th centuries and at its height dominated a large swathe of South-East
Asia from Myanmar to the west to Vietnam in the East. As many as one million
people lived in Angkor, the capital, which sprawled across an area the size of
New York's five boroughs, making it the most extensive urban complex of the
pre-industrial world. By the late 16th Century, the once resplendent capital of
the empire, with its thousands of elaborate temples and religious monuments,
was being overrun by the surrounding jungles. 

Many experts have attempted to provide answers, and theories
abound. 1300 carved inscriptions survive on temple doorjambs but the Khmer
people of Angkor left not a single word explaining their kingdom's collapse.
This will be a visually stunning film, an epic adventure where science, mystery
and ancient civilization intersect. Filming will take place March and April
2018. The film will be released October 2018. We will have a teaser to show in at
the GSCA Film Expo in Seattle, as well as a longer clip for Euromax, and fine
cut will be presented at the GSCA Conference in Chattanooga. 

Angkor—The Lost Empire of Cambodia is produced by Helio
Projects Asia and will be distributed worldwide by K2 Communications. The film
will be written and executive produced by industry veteran, John Weiley (AntarcticaSolarmax),
and directed by Murray Pope.


Shark Wars: The Ultimate Predator

For the general public, often sharks are lumped into one
category…that is feared. However, sharks and consequent shark behavior is
incredibly diverse. Most species would be relatively safe to take a
“dip” with. However, there are two species that vie for the top
predator prize in the community of sharks—the Great White shark and the Bull
shark both compete for the distinction as the apex predator of the deep. The
Great White is the largest of the carnivorous shark species and are the perfect
killing machine. The Bull Shark, although smaller is more aggressive and
considered by many experts to be the more dangerous of the two species. They
are among the most ferocious of all sharks. 

Both species have finely tuned electro-magnetic sensory
abilities to locate and hunt prey. In a scientific-first experiment, Shark
Wars: The Ultimate Predator
 will explore how their abilities compare and
push their highly developed sensory systems to the limit. 

Shark Wars will capture previously unseen shark
behavior for the first time on the planet, in virtual darkness, in shark hot
spots in Fiji and Australia. Our filming platform will be a revolutionary shark
cage, taking its design from the F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter. Using this
cutting-edge technology, renowned shark researcher Dr. Will Robbins will
conduct an incredible two-phase research experiment to more fully understand
the super senses of these fearsome animals to determine which shark is the
ultimate predator. 

Filming will commence late 2018 and continue through early 2019,
with a scheduled release fall 2019. Directed by four-time Emmy® Award nominee
Leighton De Barros. The film will be produced by Sea Dog TV International,
executive produced by Jodie De Barros and David Gross and distributed by K2
Communications and K2 Films Australia.


Source: K2 Communications