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March 30, 2017—K2 Communications is proud to announce a partnership with Sydney, Australia-based Wild Pacific Media to release the 45-minute giant screen film Ancient Australia in February of 2018. Production has been ongoing this year, with postproduction scheduled for August through November.  

The film will take audiences somewhere most have never gone, or never will go. Few places on earth remain as wild and pristine as the top end of Australia. It’s a land that time forgot; in the dry season huge bush fires ravage the ancient landscape and in the wet season the world’s biggest thunderstorms bring torrential rain and flooding. These almost Jurassic conditions have created some of the richest wetlands on earth and harbor the oldest rain forests on the planet. They also create the perfect conditions for some of the deadliest creatures on the plane. Out here man-eating sharks can live in fresh water streams, and the most toxic jellyfish on earth drift just off the beaches. The largest dinosaurs known to man left their footprints in these ancient rocks, and one of their deadly relatives still lives here today.

Come with us on an epic scientific adventure through some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth as we take you deep into salt water crocodile country. Ancient Australia is being shot shot with the highest-resolution cameras for IMAX and other giant screen theaters in 3D, 2D and dome formats. Specialized underwater camera rigs have been designed to get you closer than ever before to the most powerful jaws on earth. Get ready for a wild ride as we soar over this timeless land and meet the brave people who work to protect this last frontier and the deadly creatures that call her home. Welcome to Ancient Australia


Produced by WildPacific Media 

Directed by Nick Robinson 

DP:  Nick Robinson 

Executive Producers:  John Weiley, David Gross, John Maynard, Mark Kresser 

Distributed by K2 Communications and Footprint Films (Australia only)


Source: K2 Communications