""February 9, 2022—GSCA and the GSCA Innovations Committee invite you to experience Evans & Sutherland’s domed LED system at the Cosm Experience Center in Salt Lake City on March 10, following the GSCA Film Expo in Los Angeles on March 8-9. The GSCA Film Expo is the world’s first industry conference to unveil this groundbreaking technology.

The 8K immersive LED demonstration dome, the only one of its kind in the world, is a 20-meter diameter truncated dome vertically positioned to demonstrate a variety of potential use cases and delivers full floor-to-ceiling immersion. The Center touts over 5,000 square feet of display, with 8192-pixel resolution and 29.5 million total pixels. The event will feature a wide variety of giant screen film content in 2D and 3D, cutting-edge film production content, and never-before-possible live and immersive content, accompanied by discussions led by the GSCA Innovations Committee.

“As a leader in the industry, it is important that we provide opportunities like this LED dome demonstration,” says Alan Nursall, CEO of TELUS World of Science-Edmonton and Chair of the GSCA Board of Directors. “This demonstration will prepare filmmakers for what their content will look like on LED screens. It’s important for them to consider this new technology as they develop new film projects. It will also provide insight for theaters about new technologies.”

“GSCA and the GSCA Innovations Committee have a responsibility to keep members up to date on advancements in giant screen technology, and we are excited to be hosting this demonstration at the Cosm Experience Center,” says filmmaker Christian Fry, co-chair of the GSCA Innovations Committee.

Innovations Committee Co-Chair Michael Daut adds, “From the advent of giant screen digital projection to laser technology, and now to LED displays, we are thrilled to host industry demonstrations that provide opportunities to learn more about and experience new technology.”

“Evans & Sutherland is proud to welcome GSCA members to this demonstration,” says said Kirk Johnson, EVP, and GM at E&S. “We have been developing this technology for many years, and we are thrilled to be sharing it for the first time at an industry gathering.”

More information about the LED dome demo demonstration, including the schedule, is available here

The GSCA Film Expo will be held in Los Angeles on March 8-9, 2022, at the AMC CityWalk IMAX Theatre and Universal City Hilton. The 2022 Film Expo will be the first in-person event hosted by GSCA since March 2020. The Film Expo will feature screenings of new films, films in production, projects in development, and a technical session highlighting the latest giant screen technology.

Registration to the LED dome demonstration is free to attendees who are registered for the GSCA Film Expo. Those wishing to attend only the LED Dome demonstration can register for a Film Expo Day pass. Early registration ends February 11, and registration information can be found here:


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