""March 1, 2022—MacGillivray Freeman Films is pleased to
announce production of a new giant screen film and live interactive
experience, Cities of the Future: Reimagining Our World (working title), slated for release in October 2023. Produced by the same team that created the award-winning film Dream Big: Engineering Our World in partnership with American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Cities of the Future
explores the visionary ideas and innovative solutions engineers are
employing right now as they design the smart cities of tomorrow.

Available in 2D, 3D, and all digital formats, Cities of the Future
invites audiences to step 50 years into the future where they’ll find
smart cities designed to be totally sustainable. The 40-minute
experience consists of a 20-minute giant screen film and a 20-minute
live presentation inside the theatre, where an educator will take
audiences on an interactive tour of future cities using ASCE’s Future
World Vision digital platform, a bold, comprehensive project to
reimagine and prepare for the future and explore infrastructure ideas
based on real engineering data and principles. An interactive museum
exhibit will also be available, where visitors can see, touch, and
explore this new high-tech world.

Cities of the Future
will take audiences into the imagination of the world’s most innovative
engineers who are working right now to design the cities we will live
in 50 years from now,” said producer Shaun MacGillivray. “From electric
flying vehicles to space-based solar power to the most cutting-edge
green technologies, the creative innovations being designed to solve
society’s greatest challenges are downright mind-boggling and totally
awe-inspiring, and the immense scope of this kind of creativity matches
perfectly with the power of the giant screen. It doesn’t get much more
exciting than this.”

“Just like we did with Dream Big,
we are creating a fully immersive, interactive experience that science
centers and museums can use to fulfill their mission of bringing
leading-edge educational experiences to their members and the public,”
said Jane Howell, ASCE’s Chief Communications Officer. “We want Cities of the Future to
inspire the next generation of engineers and help them recognize the
power they have to shape our world and make it a better place.”

Cities of the Future
is also designed to engage the public in a series of public forums. MFF
and ASCE will help museums coordinate high-profile forums with film
screenings, panel sessions, and other activities with a focus on
building a shared vision of the future. Engineers, community leaders,
city officials, and the public will come together to share ideas of what
they see for cities of the future. The ideas and opinions gathered from
these forums will go to ASCE and other engineering organizations for
use in the real-time plans that engineers are designing now.

“Like Dream Big,
the film will be the centerpiece of a more extensive educational
outreach program that will allow museums to build museum-wide
programming around this important and timely subject,” said Mary Jane Dodge,
Executive Producer at MacGillivray Freeman Films. “The film will be
what inspires the audience, and then we want to harness that enthusiasm
into real engagement that can benefit engineers working on these
innovative solutions.”

About MacGillivray Freeman Films

Freeman Films is the world’s foremost independent producer and
distributor of giant screen 70mm films with more than 45 films for IMAX
and giant-screen theatres to its credit. Throughout the company’s
50-year history, its films have won numerous international awards
including two Academy Award nominations for The Living Sea and Dolphins and three films inducted into the IMAX Hall of Fame, including Everest,
the highest grossing giant screen film of all time. MacGillivray
Freeman’s films are known for their artistry and celebration of science
and the natural world. It is the first documentary film company to reach
the one-billion-dollar benchmark for worldwide box office. Visit macgillivrayfreeman.com. 

About American Society of Civil Engineers

in 1852, the American Society of Civil Engineers represents more than
150,000 civil engineers worldwide and is America’s oldest national
engineering society. ASCE works to advance engineering knowledge and
competency through the development of codes and standards, publications,
education, and programs such as Future World Vision;
raise awareness of the need to maintain and modernize infrastructure
using sustainable and resilient practices through initiatives such as
the Report Card for America’s Infrastructure; works
to recruit and inspire a more diverse engineering workforce through
initiatives such as the award-winning film and educational project Dream Big: Engineering Our World.For more information, visit www.asce.organd follow us on Twitter, @ASCETweets and @ASCEGovRel.

Source: MacGillivray Freeman Films