June 29, 2023—Switch Energy Alliance (SEA) has commissioned experienced documentary maker and giant screen director Harry Lynch (Ride Around the World) to direct Energy Makes Our World, an engaging five-minute educational film for giant screen theaters to raise awareness of the importance of energy in all aspects of our lives. The film is available for no charge to any giant screen theater that wishes to screen it.

“Our mission at SEA is to inspire an energy educated future, and we believe giant screen theaters have a way to connect with audiences that is unrivaled,” says Korina Smith, Executive Director at Switch Energy Alliance.
SEA was founded by renowned scientist Dr. Scott Tinker.

“Energy fuels the engine of the modern world and has the power to bring billions more out of abject poverty,” explains SEA Chairman Dr. Tinker. “Because energy reaches into every facet of our lives, it is highly political. Biases and emotions run deep, and facts and data are often distorted, or worse.”

In 2012 Dr. Tinker teamed up with film director Harry Lynch to create their first feature film documentary Switch, which explores the global energy mix. The documentary was critically acclaimed and went on to win multiple awards. It was seen by millions globally and is often shown in classrooms to educate on energy.

After receiving overwhelming feedback about the need for unbiased energy education, Dr. Tinker decided to found the nonprofit, Switch Energy Alliance.

“SEA reaches millions of people of all ages where they live and learn: online, in classrooms, in professional training, and in museums. Now we want to reach them through the power of giant screen films.”

SEA have enlisted giant screen veteran Mark Bretherton to assist with distribution of the film. Mark has more than 25 years of experience in the giant screen industry having run several IMAX theaters in Australia, worked in giant screen film distribution, and served three terms on the board of the Giant Screen Cinema Association.

“It’s not very often a theater is offered a free film that connects with so many STEM subjects and aims to inspire and excite the interest of audiences,” says Bretherton. “Energy Makes Our World is just that film and Harry Lynch has done a fine job creating something for the giant screen that will complement almost any film that a theatre is showing.”

SEA will add a museum-specific end card to the film that theaters can use to direct audiences towards relevant exhibits within their museum.

Energy Makes Our World is available in several formats in 2K and 4K, including flat screen and dome. It is also available in other digital formats so that museums can make use of it within exhibits and other galleries within their museum.

SEA is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that develops nonpartisan film and web-based energy education programs that are objective, nonpartisan and sensible. The organization is based in Austin, Texas, and receives its funding from various foundations, institutions, individuals and corporations that also value unbiased energy education.

SEA reaches millions annually through its various films, television series, and energy education initiatives. The organization released a sequel to the first documentary, Switch On, which focuses on energy access in the developing world, and produces a television series on PBS called Energy Switch, which focuses on civil dialogue with experts on energy and climate. Various education initiatives include a global case competition that challenges university students to identify solutions to energy poverty and an online platform for teachers to bring to their high school classrooms to help students increase their energy literacy.

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Mark Bretherton