Member Center: Production and Post-Production Workflows (P3W)

The goal of the Giant Screen Cinema Association’s (GSCA) Production and Post-Production Workflow (P3W) is to inform a broad audience of the generally accepted practices and workflows used in the giant-screen (GS) filmmaking industry to make films efficiently, effectively, and with the highest quality images.

Giant screens as defined by the GSCA Giant Screen Definition:

  • Flat screens at least 70 feet (21.3 meters) wide, or
  • 3,100 square feet (288 square meters) in total area, and
  • Place all seating within one screen width of the screen plane.
  • Dome screens at least 60 feet (18.3 meters) in diameter.

Here we have provided P3W guidelines that are designed as a roadmap to assist first-time and seasoned filmmakers in navigating the critical and complex worlds of production and post-production for the giant screen and to promote industry best practices.

The guidelines are provided as a PDF document as well as in Wikis for picture and audio workflow. The P3W interactive Wikis allow users to click on an individual box of the workflow diagram and be taken directly to its textual description. The P3W Wikis also allow users to comment and add their thoughts and perspectives on specific elements.

GSCA members may access the P3W resources with their member login, and nonmembers will be issued a login to access them upon request.

Document and Wiki Access

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P3W Online Wiki

Click here to access the P3W Picture online wiki.

Click  here to access the P3W Audio online wiki.

Once you’re on the wiki pages, click on each box in the diagrams for a definition of that item in the workflow.