Theater Attendance Reporting FAQ

  1. How do we define “Gross Monthly Theater Attendance?
    This is simply the sum of all persons present for each giant screen show. Yes, this includes comps, school children, special events patrons, etc. No, this does not include separate planetarium shows or non-giant screen presentations taking place in the same theater. Note that we are not asking for film by film data – just simply gross monthly attendance.
  2. What if my theater was closed for part of a month for improvements or other circumstances?
    If you were closed only for a couple of days, we recommend that you still report your attendance number. If you were involuntarily closed for five or more consecutive days, and that is not typical for your theater for this particular month each year, then you may elect to leave your attendance blank for that month. If you leave your attendance blank for a month, your theater will simply not be included in some of the statistical calculations.
  3. What if my theater was not open for the entire 3-year historical period from 2000-2002? What should I do?
    Fill in the months that you were open, leave the others blank. If you opened after the 10th of the month, you may elect to leave your opening month blank as it may be an unusually low number for you for that calendar month.
  4. If I’m a 3D theater, do I report 2D and 3D attendance separately?
    No, right now we are not breaking out 2D versus 3D attendance for 3D capable theaters. If we change that in the future, we may apologetically ask you to go back and split out those numbers.
  5. What if I have more than one Theater?
    Each of your theaters should have a separate location in our database so that data for each can be entered separately.
  6. At my institution, everyone who comes in the front door or front gate gets a ticket to the theater. Is that the number you want me to report?
    Do you also do a click count at the entrance to the theater? If so, the click count is probably what you report to the film distributors and that’s what you should report here. If you do not click at the theater entrance, and you normally report theater attendance as your front door entrance because you don’t know otherwise, then report it that way here, too.
  7. You didn’t answer my question – where can I get more help?
    Send an e-mail and we will respond to your question.