November 2, 2016—After careful review of large format distribution options, N3D Land has chosen K2 Communications to handle worldwide distribution of D-Day: Normandy 1944. N3D Land opted to select a new distributor following incumbent distribution company 3D Entertainment's decision to have K2 handle distribution of their library. Pascal Vuong, writer/director of D-Day and co-founder of N3D Land, says, “The topic of WWII is really important to me and that's why I made D-Day: Normandy 1944. It faithfully pays tribute to a key battle that resulted in the freedom we all enjoy today. So many individuals paid the ultimate price. I have such an emotional connection to this film that I wanted to appoint a distributor that would do the best job. The film is also complimentary to some of K2's current titles, which is an advantage.”

According to K2's president, Mark Kresser, “When Pascal approached us, we were honored. He is credited with producing a film that was such a hit for our industry. Additionally, it was a challenging story to pay homage to in just 40 minutes. And I must say, he did an outstanding job!”

Out of the 10 international awards won by D-Day: Normandy 1944, four have been attributed by the Giant Screen industry. During the GSCA 2014 conference, D-Day received four Achievement Awards including: Best Original Score, Best Sound Design, Best Visual Effects, and Best Film for Lifelong Learning. Additionally, Saint Louis Science Center was rewarded for Best Launch by a Theater.

The film artfully navigates a time that was devastating and emotionally wrenching for human history, crossing all demographics—age, gender and education. This was evident in the record attendance enjoyed by many theaters throughout the network.

Any theater interested in (re-) licensing D-Day: Normandy 1944 for a feature exhibition or military anniversary run may contact K2 directly (

About K2 Communications
Recognized as leaders in IMAX/Giant Screen documentary cinema, K2 Communications (K2) brings a wealth of success and experience in all aspects of production, global distribution and marketing. K2's production/executive production credits include Journey to Space, Aircraft Carrier: Guardians of the Sea, Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag, The Ultimate Wave Tahiti, Legends of Flight, and Rescue. K2 also operates the only comprehensive Giant Screen consumer/fan website,

About N3D Land
N3D Land Films is a production company founded in 2004 by Catherine Vuong, Pascal Vuong and Ronan Chapalain. Known for their expertise in the computer-generated imagery (CGI) and 3D VFX fields, the company's goal is to restore the link between science, history and entertainment, as originally established by visionary author Jules Verne. After SeaRex: Journey to a Prehistoric World released in 2010, D-Day: Normandy 1944 is the second Large Format film produced and post-produced in-house by N3D Land.