The Jerusalem campaign from National Geographic Studios was designed to provide top-level support for the film and work in tandem with local theater efforts. One key strategy was to create an outreach campaign to the interfaith community in order to minimize any miscommunications as to the film's message. If done properly, this would eliminate negativity and boost the success of the film as these groups become advocates of the film. By working with faith-based organizations at the national level and providing “Faith Guides” for leaders of the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian faiths for use with and dissemination to their congregations, the film had a grassroots network helping promote it.
A second strategy worked in tandem with the first as it proactively managed the messaging of the film to emphasize its positive themes and the common beliefs of the world’s three main religions featured in the film. This clear messaging and continued support helped set the stage for local theater marketing.

The Faith Guides, along with key visuals of the film used for advertising, helped show the balance of the film's message.  The powerful and uncluttered title and visual identity reinforced this in the materials. The marketing tools were focused, consistent, and clear, allowing the audience to engage with their own emotions.

National Geographic Studios won the GSCA 2014 Big Idea Award for its outreach to the interfaith community to promote Jerusalem.

Faith Guides