April 14, 2015—IMAX is pleased to announce that the National Media Museum in Bradford, England, will install IMAX’s cutting-edge digital projection system. The technology will allow the Museum to present a wider array of IMAX content, offering greater programming flexibility.
The IMAX® theatre at the National Media Museum is operated in partnership with Picturehouse National Cinema Group. The theatre opened in 1983 and represents the first IMAX site in the UK.
The Museum has inspired countless visitors to learn about, engage with, and create media. In support of this mandate, the Museum’s IMAX theatre has presented ground-breaking documentaries that have entertained and educated guests about the wonders of our world. The new system will allow the Museum to offer its patrons a greater variety of IMAX digital content previously unavailable.
The IMAX digital projection system is the most advanced digital projection system in the industry. It delivers crystal-clear, lifelike images with approximately 40% greater contrast and 60% more brightness found in other digital projection systems.

“Upgrading the IMAX theatre is part of our promise to improve the cinema operation at the Museum and crucial to us achieving our ambition to be the place in Yorkshire to see film,” said Jo Quinton-Tulloch, Director, National Media Museum. “With the new technology, we will effectively go from presenting one or two feature films a year to one or two a month. We are confident that this will truly transform our Museum and attract more audiences.”



Source: IMAX Corporation