September 16, 2018—nWave Pictures has acquired the worldwide distribution rights to Feathered Dinosaurs, a giant screen 3D documentary film produced by Saint Thomas Productions. With its production freshly started, the 40-minute film will be released in 2020.

Feathered Dinosaurs will lift the veil on the recent revolution that paleontology is currently undergoing. Since the beginning of the 1990s, thousands of fossils have proved that most dinosaurs had feathers: to seduce, to protect against the cold, to soar and even to fly. There is now no doubt that birds are the direct descendants of a family of carnivorous dinosaurs that included the famous T-Rex. 

With Feathered Dinosaurs constructed like a prehistoric safari, producer Bertrand Loyer (A New Prehistory series [2017] Giant Sea Serpent, Meet the Myth [2016]) will take spectators on a voyage a hundred million years into the past and immerse them in the worlds of numerous recently discovered and little-known dinosaur species. It will be an invitation to hunt with the carnivores, dive with the fish-eaters and fly with the insect-eaters.

nWave and Saint Thomas Productions are excited about this collaboration and are looking forward to launching this great film on the market.

“Giant screen theaters are the perfect platform for this revolutionary documentary,” noted Eric Dillens, Chairman of nWave Pictures. “Spectators will be immediately drawn in a universe of pristine quality, mixing state-of-the art 3D animation and spectacular live-shots. Feathered Dinosaurs will present to the public the most recent discoveries on its fascinating protagonists like never before.”