August 31, 2016—nWave Pictures has acquired the worldwide distribution rights to Hurricane, a giant screen 3D documentary film produced by Ouragan Films. The 40-minute film will be screened in October 2016 at the Giant Screen Cinema Association Conference in Toronto. Producers Andy Byatt (Blue Planet, 2001; Planet Earth, 2006), Cyril Barbançon and Jacqueline Farmer together with composer Yann Tiersen (Amélie, 2001) bring this extraordinary experience to the giant screen.

Hurricane is the journey of a weather system, fueled by a force so powerful that it was revered as a deity by ancient civilizations. From a sudden howling sand storm in Senegal heralding the coming monsoon, the winds transform over the Atlantic Ocean into a raging monster five hundred miles across. Ships are tossed on growing ocean swells, and the violent winds and torrential rains of hurricane Lucy crash into the rainforests of the Caribbean before causing immense storm surges in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hurricane follows meteorologists and emergency crews as they battle to predict the storm’s path, while those in harm’s way prepare for the worst. Meanwhile, NASA’s satellites and hurricane tracking aircraft capture the enormity of the storm. We see the environmental impact on coral reefs, agriculture and wildlife as the Category 4 hurricane engulfs the region. But once the damage is cleared, the regenerative power of nature is captured as we witness the rebirth of a rainforest and the return of its hardiest creatures.

Hurricane is a 3D production, filmed on location over a five-year period. The film will be released in giant screen cinemas worldwide, beginning October 2016 and is available to IMAX® theaters and DCI-compliant digital cinemas. Available formats include: 3D and 2D – 4K/2K digital, IMAX® digital and IMAX® laser.

“Giant screen theaters are the perfect platform for this heart-pounding story of one of nature’s most destructive forces,” noted Eric Dillens, Chairman of nWave Pictures. “The filmmakers have delivered an extraordinarily immersive journey: one that combines real life drama with the science and technology behind tracking and understanding how a hurricane forms and the systems in place to mitigate the damages. nWave Pictures is excited to bring Hurricane to giant screen audiences around the world.”

“Beyond the question of where hurricanes strike, we wanted to tell the tales of the wind. To speak of winds beyond imagination. To understand the stress of waiting; the relief of the near miss. We wanted to observe the fragility and resilience of nature, to discover what the mightiest weather system on earth means to all those who live beneath its shadow,” said producers Andy Byatt, Cyril Barbançon and Jacqueline Farmer.

Encompassing 280 days of shooting in 12 countries, and almost a year of research and development for the specialized camera system, making the film was an adventure in itself. Hurricane was a long and ambitious project that began with the challenging desire to make a film about something invisible…the wind.


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