July 28, 2022—Paul Wild, former theater director of IMAX Victoria, has joined the K2 Studios distribution team taking over responsibility for most of recently retired Ed Capelle’s theaters in the U.S. and Canada, as well as other select theaters. Paul is a passionate advocate for giant screen films. He has served on a number of GSCA committees, as well as three consecutive terms (6 years) on the GSCA Board of Directors.

During his 17+ years at IMAX Victoria, the theater was continually a top performer in the industry. Paul implemented and maintained the most successful annual pass program in the giant screen world, with approximately 20,000 members annually. His theater also won a GSCA marketing award for Best Film Launch by a Theater and received the IMAX award for Best Booth on two occasions.

In addition, Paul’s prior experience of professional hotel management within the tourism and hospitality field complements his approach to the large format industry.

K2 respects Paul as a very knowledgeable theater director who understands the value of marketing and of collaborative efforts with producers to make their films a box office success. As such, he will work with his theater group towards that end for the films he represents, which will include the entire slate of K2-distributed films.

Paul is contracting part-time with K2 while he continues to represent Destination Cinema on a part-time basis in its efforts to distribute Mysteries of Egypt and their new project, Grand Canyon: Rivers of Time.

Paul will be joining the K2 team for the upcoming GSCA International Conference in Chattanooga. In the meantime, he can be reached at pwild@k2communications.com.

Source: K2 Studios