February 13, 2019—On January 30, the
Advanced Imaging Society held its tenth annual Lumiere Awards ceremony at the
Steven J. Ross Theater on the Warner Bros. studio lot.
Pascal Vuong
(co-director and producer of Planet
) stepped on the stage to receive the award for Best 3D
Documentary–International in company of US producer Christian Fry.

The Lumiere™ Awardsrecognize outstanding international achievement in the creation of immersive
storytelling using advanced visual technologies. The Society honors content and
experiences produced for film, television, advertising, gaming, mobile, online
and more.

This marks the second time that Planet
brings home a Lumiere Award, the first one being presented only a
few months ago at the StereopsiaLumiere Awards, where the movie won for Best 3D Creative Documentary.

Planet Power explores the
history of electricity–from the first spark created by man’s hand to today’s
industrial power plants. We meet scientists who changed the world, like
Faraday, Franklin, and Tesla and we glimpse the future, as Solar Impulse
becomes the first plane to complete a round-the-world flight powered only by
the sun. With a mix of chalk animation, CGI, archival footage and spectacular
aerials, the film also explores the challenges ahead: how to meet the growing
energy needs of our industrialized world, while also protecting the health of
our planet.

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and stay informed of its latest news:

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