February 17, 2022—Dr. Peter Popp, CEO of Reef Distribution, and Tina Ratterman, President of BIG & Digital have joined forces to expand content, marketing, and support to fulldome and giant screen theaters worldwide.

“Pooling our resources makes us a stronger team to provide unparalleled support to the customers and industries we serve,” says Popp.

Reef Distribution has taken over distribution, including administrative, accounting, and technical support services, for the BIG & Digital catalog, which includes titles such as In Saturn’s Rings, Expedition Chesapeake: a Journey of Discovery, Star Dreaming, Whale Super Highway, and Legends of the Northern Sky.

Ratterman will lead and expand worldwide distribution and marketing. While Reef Distribution is based in Munich, Germany, Ratterman will work remotely from Las Vegas, Nevada. Ratterman will focus on the Americas and her existing customers, while also supporting Reef’s European and Asian territories. Popp will be actively involved in distribution as well and also continue to write and produce new shows through Reef’s sister company, Softmachine Immersive Productions GmbH.

“Combining the best of BIG & Digital with the success of Reef will allow us to expand content offerings for our customers while increasing technical support, administrative and accounting with the fantastic team already in place at Reef,” says Ratterman.

Ratterman and Popp have worked together previously: BIG & Digital distributed Softmachine’s The Secrets of Gravity and Kaluoka’hina—The Enchanted Reef. Ratterman added: “We realized that my customer base was different from Reef’s, which enabled me to lease their shows to new customers.”

Popp: “Tina fits in very well with our team. She brings excellent experience and a wonderfully positive and courageous attitude. Our work in content creation and distribution is meaningful and impactful, and it’s also fun and creative. We’re thrilled to work together!”

Ratterman: “I’m most excited about working with an experienced and highly motivated team. I’m looking forward to our collaboration and creating new opportunities. Through Reef, I’ll be able to bring more resources to the content I distribute while providing additional marketing and support to film buyers.”

One of their first endeavors as a unified team will be to distribute Reef’s newest film, Legend of the Enchanted Reef, available to fulldome and giant screen theaters. The official 3D fulldome premiere will be March 23, 2022, with Planetarium Hamburg.

About Reef Distribution

In 2003, Dr. Peter Popp founded Reef Distribution GmbH, a leading distributor for high-quality 360° fulldome productions. Reef is dedicated to cultivating mutually respectful relationships between its customers, business partners and employees. Reef’s mission is to raise awareness for the delicate balance between nature and humanity, and to help expand horizons through engaging science-based edutainment films, shows and experiences. Reef’s sister company, Softmachine Immersive Productions GmbH, produced the first fully narrative fulldome show ever: Kaluoka’hina, the Enchanted Reef, which has been experienced by more than 5 million viewers across the globe. Ultimately, with their productions, Reef and Softmachine aim to make a significant contribution to world improvement and to support a sustainable future. www.reef-distribution.com


Dr. Peter Popp

Tina Ratterman