I’ve been a documentary filmmaker for over 20 years and my projects have always been born out of my personal passions. From filming whales and dolphins in the warm waters of the Caribbean to chasing vintage aircraft across America, it’s a deep love of adventure that drives my storytelling.

As I look back on the process of producing and directing my first giant screen film, I’m left with a very simple feeling… I loved it! As difficult, challenging, time consuming, and frustrating as the process of creating a motion picture can be at times, there is no doubt that making

Air Racers 3D

was one of the most rewarding experiences of my filmmaking career. In hindsight, however, I honestly wish I’d known even half of what I know now!

I’m hoping that through this blog I can help new filmmakers as they begin the process of creating their first giant screen film by answering some of your questions and shedding a little light on this complex process.

Here are a few of the questions I would have liked to ask a giant screen producer as I began the process:

  • What are the specific challenges of shooting for 3D & the giant screen?
  • What are the technical issues that must be considered?
  • What are the unique post-production, finishing, and deliverable challenges?
  • What’s an appropriate budget for a digital giant screen film?
  • How did you finance your last film?
  • How does one get to know the giant screen industry, its needs and wants?
  • How does one begin networking inside the GSCA?
  • How do you find support from quality production and technical partners?
  • What’s the most valuable lesson an experienced giant screen filmmaker would share?

So I’m really wondering now what you would like to know? Let’s begin a dialogue and see where this conversation takes us! My hat’s already off to whoever creates our industry’s next big award-winning hit!!!

Christian Fry
Pretend Entertainment

Producer, Director & Writer: Air Racers 3D