Presentation of giant screen films is paramount to setting the experience apart from what a regular moviegoer experiences at a multiplex. A 1986 IMAX service manual stated, “The combination of a dedicated theatre staff and the IMAX system can provide a spectacular experience for audiences. To maintain this level of achievement, the staff and equipment involved in this unique communication process must function at optimum efficiency. This is the challenge of every performance.” Truer words have never been spoken, and as we see multiplex screens get ever larger, and increased competition for guests’ spending, the experience in a GS theater must remain unique and special. How do we achieve this?

This session will explore the various aspects of the GS Theater Experience and how to make it special. Featuring speakers from various theaters, we will follow a typical family as they experience a GS theater for the first time. From their entry into the facility, how do theater managers ensure the best possible experience? Once the guests are seated and the lights go down, seasoned theater operators will take over and guide us through best practices to ensure the best possible presentation on screen each and every time.

Presented at the GSCA 2023 Conference in Indianapolis.

Session Organizer: Darren Durocher, Manager, IMAX Theatre, Telus World of Science-Edmonton

Presenters: Richard Cox, Clark Planetarium; David Gioia, Saint Louis Science Center; Amy Louise Liedel, The Henry Ford