Producing a giant screen film is a complicated and intricate process that is made even more challenging, not simpler, by the variety of digital technologies in the production pipeline. In this webinar, our panel of filmmakers, postproduction experts, sound designers/mixers, and distributors will pull back the curtain on the process of preparing a giant screen film for distribution. There are many steps and a multitude of formats that filmmakers must create to accommodate wildly different projection systems that require their own specialized picture and audio files. Our team will address how to provide ample budget and prepare for the massive number of deliverables to ensure your film reaches the largest number of theaters and audiences.

This webinar was organized by the GSCA Innovations Committee.

Moderated by GSCA Innovations Committee Co-Chairs Michael Daut, Michael Daut Productions, and Christian Fry, CVF Productions


  • Jonathan Bird, Oceanic Research Group
  • Nathan Cohen, Postproduction Supervisor
  • Brian Eimer, ImagesInSound
  • Rick Gordon, RPG Productions
  • Patricia and David Keighley, IMAX Corporation
  • Tyler Mifflin, SK Films