As part one of a session to be continued at another time on the giant screen, we explore the challenges of capturing high-quality and high-resolution digital scans of 65mm film. Four companies, including FotoKem, IMAX, Prasad Corp, and MacGillivray Freeman Films, share their techniques, innovations, and unique approaches to digitizing film. In part two, when we are able to meet in person, we will see examples of scans using the same film source in a head-to-head comparison in 4K, 8K, 11K, and 16K scans on the giant screen.

Session organized for the GSCA 2021 Virtual Film Expo by the GSCA Innovations Committee, co-chaired by Michael Daut, Michael Daut Productions; and Christian Fry, Pretend Entertainment. Session presented by Jonathan Bird and Zachary Peterson, Oceanic Research Group. Participants: IMAX, MacGillivray Freeman Films, FotoKem, Prasad Corp.