The future is Gen Z. If you want to understand the future of our industry—whether it’s exhibition, production, or distribution—you need to understand Gen Z. Born 1997–2012, Gen Z is engaged and entering the work force and our theatres as we speak! They are expressing their opinions and rewriting the norms. Members of Gen Z are resourceful and independent learners who value diversity, inclusivity, and authenticity. They are passionate about social impact and environmental responsibility, and their top priorities include wellbeing and mental health. Do you want to keep up with the social media trends and new content development? Do you want to engage the next generation of decision makers now? Then you need to understand how Gen Z navigates the world, what is important to them, and what makes them tick.

You will hear from members of Gen Z in this inspiring and thought-provoking crash course that will tap into their values, beliefs, and motivations. We’ll share the latest research and provide tips that will make you rethink the way things have always been done.

Session presented at the GSCA 2023 Conference in Indianapolis.

Session organizer: Caroline Borgudd, Cosmonova, Swedish Museum of Natural History

Presenter: Sarah Bean Sherman, MSc, PhD, Science Education Specialist in Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, University of British Columbia

Gen Z Panelists: Mason Hull, Zoe Seldon, Max Spradlin, Jillian Starr