The big takeaway from how we approach alternative content is that it must have an experience attached to it to be successful. Anyone can show alternative content and likely have a decent enough crowd, but consistent sell-outs for the content on its own is unlikely. Theaters need to find that unique hook, leverage the other areas of their institutions to offer guests something unique that they can’t get anywhere else, or find community partners. The presentation will also include results from the GSCA Alternative Content Survey conducted in 2022.

Presented at the GSCA 2023 Conference in Indianapolis.

Session organizer: Darren Durocher, TELUS World of Science- Edmonton

Presenters: Jenn Bentz Borcherding, Pacific Science Center; Patty Collins, MacGillivray Freeman Films; Rachael Kiphart, Museum of Science and Industry-Chicago; Alexandra van der Zee, Museon-Omniversum