The giant screen business model has many components to it, but any lasting, workable changes will likely have to begin with the theater-distributor relationship. This session features candid conversations between veteran distributors and exhibitors in the GS industry about the core issues of programming, admission pricing and packaging, marketing, and finding an equitable way to split a slowly contracting pie. Discussing old and new approaches, and in- and out-of-the box ideas, panelists are asked a series of questions to stimulate honest and open dialogue about what matters most to everyone in our industry. Moderated by Paul Fraser (Blaze Cineworks) and Mark Katz (Giant Screen Films/D3D Cinema), four sets of panelists—pairing a distributor with an exhibitor—take turns facing off to debate new approaches. We hope this session generates a few chuckles but most importantly stimulates some truly actionable ideas about how we can work together to improve our business model.


  • Paul Fraser, Blaze Cineworks
  • Mark Katz, Giant Screen Films/D3D Cinema


  • Patty Collins, MacGillivray Freeman Films
  • Heather Farnworth, Ontario Science Centre
  • Amber Hawtin, SK Films
  • Bobbi Hohmann, Fernbank Museum
  • Ryan Holota, Saskatchewan Science Centre
  • Julie La Roche, Montreal Science Centre
  • Derek Threinen, Giant Screen Films/D3D Cinema
  • John Wickstrom, Cosmic Picture

This session was presented during the GSCA 2021 Virtual Film Expo.