Dome theaters have consistently faced the historic challenges of 1) low contrast due to light bounce across the dome surface, 2) the need for multiple projectors to create acceptable resolution, 3) low brightness due to low reflectivity of the dome surface to minimize light bounce and scatter, and 4) the maintenance of a complex projection system and cost of lamps and other consumables. Enter the LED dome. This breakthrough, game-changing technology addresses all of the historic concerns: 1) LED offers nearly unlimited contrast, 2) the dome is self-illuminating with no need for an external projection system, 3) brightness is up to 150 fL, 4) the dome surface and the LED panels are fully integrated offering design simplicity and an LED lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. We will learn more about this exciting technology and how it can change the future of immersive dome projection.

This Innovations Session was presented at the GSCA 2021 Virtual Film Expo. Presented by Scott Huggins, Evans &. Sutherland, a Cosm Company.