In this session we’ll explore innovative new programming, including both new content and new ways to program more traditional content. Our panel of giant screen theater and distribution veterans will share examples, their experiences with it, and their recommendations for success. This session will address these and other questions: How can you stay true to your brand, focus on the consumer, and expand your business? How does a theater determine what new audiences may be underserved by their current slate, and what programming changes would attract them to visit? How is success measured? How does new programming affect revenue and expenses, marketing, and technology required?

This session was presented at the GSCA 2021 Virtual Conference.

Session Organizer: Patricia Keighley, IMAX Corporation

  • Zarth Bertsch, Smithsonian Enterprises
  • Patty Collins, MacGillivray Freeman  Films
  • Todd Douglas Miller, Statement Pictures
  • Steve Garrett, IMAX Entertainment
  • Jackie Mollet, Saint Louis Science Center
  • Jim Remar, Cosmosphere
  • David Ripper, Texas State History Museum