The GSCA’s Production and Postproduction Workflow (P3W) documents were designed to provide filmmakers with technical guidelines on how to produce content for the Giant Screen. There are two workflows, one for picture and one for audio. Both include a workflow diagram and a textual document providing more detailed information on the specifics of the production and postproduction processes.

The GSCA Innovations Committee created these documents to help ensure films brought to our giant screens meet our historically high standards of picture and audio quality. The value of super high-resolution images and sounds as key elements of the giant screen movie watching experience cannot be overstated. As the Giant Screen industry continues its transition from a film-based production and projection world to the digital world, many pieces of the process must be carefully addressed to ensure the best possible technical results.

The Innovations Committee reviews and updates the P3W documents regularly to reflect changes and advancements in the filmmaking art. The ultimate value of this document relies on input from our GSCA filmmakers and technical experts to keep it up to date and relevant. Our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the initial creation of these valuable documents in 2015 and to those who have taken the time to refine and enhance them!