Previously titled “Giant Screen 101,” this session is more than just a first-timer’s introduction to the giant screen industry. Seasoned veterans and newcomers alike will take away new ideas and contacts from this highly engaging and informative session. The session includes post-COVID success stories, how to program feature films and documentaries, and how to make giant screen theaters stand out from the competition. Filmmakers share insights on the challenges of making films for the giant screen as well as the wonderful creative opportunities provided by working on a giant canvas.

In this presentation from the session, Richard Morrison from IMAX Melbourne shares how the theater bounced back after the COVID pandemic using museum + IMAX joint online ticketing, marketing and communications, social media, alternative content, and concessions, and more to bring audiences back. Diane Carlson also shares tips from Dani LeBlanc from the the Museum of Science in Boston.

This session was presented at the GSCA 2022 Conference in Chattanooga. 

Session Organizer: Diane Carlson, Giant Screen Cinema Consulting
Moderator: Ryan Holota, Saskatchewan Science Centre