Whether currently opened or making plans to re-open, theaters everywhere have had to consider a plethora of new health and safety protocols, many of which have been implemented. Adopting a holistic, “healthy building” approach appears to be the new normal, and the search for the best practices and products continues. In this webinar, we’ll focus on a few new products and technologies (based on old science) that are being used in interior public spaces, such as theaters, to effectively disinfect the air and surfaces. An audience Q&A session will follow these presentations:

  • Christie’s CounterAct® Far-UVC light fixtures
  • Air Force One (Commercial/Industrial Mechanical Contractor) and COSI Columbus discussion on PHI in-duct IAQ technology, now installed in COSI’s HVAC system
  • Cineplex Entertainment’s disinfection products used for high-touch areas across their 164-theater circuit.

This webinar was presented on February 24, 2021.

Moderator: Paul Fraser, President, Blaze Cineworks LLC


  • Brent Peckover, Director of Industrial Applications, Christie
  • Brian Taylor, Director of Building Automation and Energy Management, Air Force One
  • Austin Nutter, Building Automation Account Executive, Air Force One
  • Brian Lobaugh, Senior Director of Facilities, COSI
  • Kant Kang, Executive Director of Operations, Cineplex Entertainment
  • Ken Mont, Executive Director of Operations, Cineplex Entertainment

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