The Making of Apollo 11: First Steps Edition

The Apollo 11 mission was one of the crowning achievements of a generation. In this webinar, we talk to the creative team that brought this incredible mission to a new generation on the giant screen. Moderated by IMAX Sound Designer Brian Eimer, ImagesInSound Featuring:  Todd Douglas Miller, Director Tom Petersen, Producer Will Cox, Film Restoration and Post Services Eric Milano, Sound Designer Ben Feist, Audio Restoration David Keighley, IMAX Chief Quality Guru  Matt Morton, Composer

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This Might Get Loud

“Sound is 50 percent of this movie-going experience,” says George Lucas, and you will hear why in this session. Award-winning sound designer Tim Archer will introduce new and upcoming location audio recording gear and techniques, with an emphasis on recording extremely loud sounds using high SPL (sound pressure level) microphones and 32-bit float recorders. Experience a high SPL recording of jet engines and other audio highlights on the Tennessee Aquarium’s IMAX sound system and find out how to capture them in the field. Session organized [...]

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