August 21, 2017—Filmmaker Taran Davies (Journey to Mecca, Jerusalem)
has written an op-ed about the decision to tear down the Smithsonian
Institution's National Museum of Natural History Johnson IMAX Theater
and replace it with cafeteria space: “The Johnson IMAX Theater is a
national gem that fulfills the Smithsonian’s educational mission about
our rare and beautiful world, and the irony now is that it, too, needs
saving. Without it, there will be no other theater of any kind–let alone
one with the impact of IMAX–in our nation’s capital dedicated to
connecting people, and especially youth, to history, culture and nature.
With 25 million visitors to Washington, D.C., every year, is the best
we can offer them a tray of fast food? Do our children really need less
education and more calories?” Read the full article here.