April 18, 2018—On Sunday, April 15, the team behind the upcoming IMAX® documentary Superpower Dogs™, an epic 3D live-action family adventure film about extraordinary real-life dogs, set the Guinness World Records title for the “Largest dog photo shoot.” The impressive record was set while filming the closing scene for the documentary in Los Angeles, bringing 108 dogs and their owners together for “Superpower your Dog Day,” a fun-filled event celebrating the power of dogs.

To support the event, the Superpower Dogs™ team and presenting sponsor Mars Petcare provided participants and their pets with a variety of dog-friendly activities, giveaways and treats in Vista Hermosa National Park in Los Angeles.

Superpower Dogs™, produced by Cosmic Picture and presented by Mars Petcare and IMAX, is set to premiere in IMAX® theatres starting March 2019. This 3D film will share real stories about dogs who save lives, protect people from danger and make the world a better place. The film follows five real-life canine superheroes and their human partners as they brave earthquakes and avalanches, bring animal poachers to justice and protect humans from danger while lifting their spirits.

“Every dog is a Superpower Dog, and we aimed to give local pups their moment in the spotlight as we filmed the closing scene for the movie,” said Taran Davies, CEO of Cosmic Picture. “We could not be more thrilled to have all of the dogs and pet owners help set the Guinness World Records title for “Largest dog photo shoot” and can’t wait for people to see the film come to life in 2019.”

Audiences will experience how dogs see, hear and smell the world like never before, and discover how humans are harnessing the remarkable superpowers of these dogs to heal, inspire and save lives.

To find out more about Superpower Dogs™, visit www.superpowerdogs.com or follow the film on social media at Facebook.com/SuperpowerDogs, Instagram.com/SuperpowerDogs and Twitter.com/SuperpowerDogs.

And click here for the Guinness World Records article about the record-setting event.

Source: Cosmic Picture