This year the GSCA conducted an in-depth study of more than 5,000 theater-goers from 36 venues in 12 countries to gain information on them and gauge their thoughts on the giant screen industry, theater experience, film content and more.

Topline findings were delivered at the recent GSCA International Conference in Toronto. Here are just a few samples of the data provided.

  • While families with children remain the biggest audience, it’s not the biggest segment for growth, with nearly half (47%) of visitors attending giant screen films without children.
  • More than half of giant screen audiences surveyed (55%) visited only the theater on their latest trip and did not combine their trip with an exhibit experience, signaling that giant screen theaters are a destination unto themselves and should be marketed as such.
  • In both giant screen and general market audiences, there appears to be significant 3D fatigue, with 40-43% saying their interest in 3D is waning.
  • In terms of content, audiences are looking for strong storytelling, not just science facts bundled together, to interest both kids and adults (particularly the latter given the first bullet above). They seek added value from combo tickets, double features and local discounts, plus a more comprehensive experience with related exhibits, apps, activities, etc.—that extend involvement at the venue and beyond.

Complete analysis of the results and the accompanying full report have just been finalized, along with breakdowns between North America, Europe and China where appropriate, and will be available to GSCA members shortly. In the meantime, you’ll find the PowerPoint presentation and audio from the GSCA Audience Research Results session in  Toronto here (member login required): GSCA Audience Research Results

Sharing it with your teams will allow you to explore, experiment and commit to continuing improvement, or to carving out bold, new strategies to reach branding and attendance objectives.

The audience has spoken. Will you be listening?

Submitted by,

Rich Swietek
Friendly Giant Marketing

(Full disclosure: The author is Founder and Creative Director of Friendly Giant Marketing, LLC, which along with Isurus Market Research, was hired by the GSCA to conduct this survey.)