October 5, 2021—IMAX Corporation has announced that the highly anticipated documentary The Last Glaciers, from award-winning filmmaker Craig Leeson and producer Malcolm Wood, will hit select IMAX screens on March 22, 2022, immersing viewers in the cause and effects of climate change over an epic four-year stretch across Antarctica, the Himalaya, Alps, Andes and more.

The Last Glaciers is Craig Leeson’s journey to discover the loss of glacial ice and the impact of climate change while highlighting his extreme personal risk with para-alpinism and the similarities to the extreme danger our planet currently faces. The film strives to convey an optimism about combating climate change while continuing the conversation and motivating individuals to make a difference.

The film delivers an immersive experience that is one of the most comprehensive films ever produced about the relationship between climate change, mountain environments, and glaciers, capturing the fragility of the natural world, the impact humans have on our life support systems and the friendship, personal challenges and tragedies experienced by the explorers during their journey.

The Last Glaciers offers a ground-breaking IMAX documentary experience that was shot on 4K ultra-high-definition cameras in some of the world’s most challenging filming locations in twelve different countries. The film also features breathtaking cinematography and original music composed by international musicians Above & Beyond.

The Last Glaciers in IMAX is a remarkable experience that will inspire audiences to take a deeper look at how we impact the world around us. We’re thrilled to bring this documentary to our screens and look forward to seeing our viewers immerse themselves in the important, beautiful, and at times harrowing work of this expedition,” said Megan Colligan, President of IMAX Entertainment.

The documentary also captures the intense personal challenges confronting the filmmakers in extreme environments as they travel the globe determined to film the world’s great glaciers before they disappear…forever.

“This is a story that really chose us. It began as a personal extreme sports challenge between friends. But as our awareness of the climate crisis issue grew so too did the compulsion to dive deeply into the science and to tell what we think is a story of critical importance for humanity and particularly the next generation,” said Craig Leeson, Director and Producer of The Last Glaciers.

“Filming The Last Glaciers was one of my most significant journeys to understanding the true nature and urgency of the climate crisis, the importance of the mountains ecosystem, and the dependence that humanity has on it. Not only did I discover that a third of the world’s population relies on this as their life source, but this journey had a hard impact on myself as a father—the way that I view the mountains and what I personally want to do to leave a safe and habitable place for the next generation,” said Malcolm Wood, Producer of The Last Glaciers.

The Last Glaciers is directed, narrated, and produced by Craig Leeson (A Plastic Ocean, Marco Polo: The China Mystery Revealed), who also stars in the film alongside fellow team member, producer, narrator, and UN Mountain Ambassador, Malcolm Wood, and expedition leader and team member Dave Turner. Executive Producers include William Pfeiffer, who also appears in the film, and Katrina Razon. Cast includes activist Greta Thunberg as well as Cody Tuttle, Gail Whitman, Jerome Chappellaz, Gisella Orjeda, David Molden, John Sonntag and Bruno Pozzi.

The film is supported by some of the most highly respected scientific institutions globally, including the work of NASA, the United Nations, the Institut Polaire, Glacioclim, Arctic Basecamp, INAIGEM and ICIMOD.

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