""August 18, 2022—The Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation, Dorsey Pictures, distributor SK Films and their partners are proud to announce that Wings Over Water has been named as a finalist for the Best Ecosystem Film and Sound Categories at the Jackson Wild Media Awards. The Awards will take place on September 29 at Seewinkel National Park in Austria.

In addition, the film has also been nominated for the Children’s Award at the prestigious Wildlife Film Festival in Rotterdam. The awards will take place October 8 in the Netherlands.

Wings Over Water, directed by Andrew Young, tells the compelling story of a hidden oasis in the heartland of America that provides safety and nurseries to millions of migrating birds on their way home. The film is inspiring audiences on the challenges that birds and wetlands face and the heartwarming stories of those dedicated to their preservation.

“The film was created to immerse audiences into the astounding world of North American birds and the life-giving Prairie Wetlands and to bring awareness that there are 3 billion less birds today than there was in 1970,” says Charles S. Potter, Jr., President and CEO of the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation and the films leading producer. “Along with our conservation partners, Ducks Unlimited and Audubon, we want to ensure that birds and wetlands thrive again.”

Wendy MacKeigan, CEO of SK Films and the film’s screenwriter, says, The entire team is very proud of this honor and of this film. It is ultimately an uplifting story of hope.”

“The film is the cornerstone of a broader multi-platform and multi-national strategy to indelibly brand the unique prairie wetlands. Until people understand the vital importance of this ecosystem, they cannot be counted on to save it,” says Executive Producer Chris Dorsey.

The film is accompanied by an immersive educational and marketing outreach campaign for all ages.

Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation
Now celebrating its 60th year, McGraw is the nation’s leading advocate for economic and program efficiency in conservation. Charles S. Potter, Jr., McGraw’s president and CEO, led the film’s conception and served as one of its executive producers.

Dorsey Pictures
Dorsey Pictures, A Red Arrow Company, headed by Chris Dorsey, who is a long-time producton industry executive. The company has been recognized by Realscreen Global 100 as one of America’s leading producers.

SK Films
SK Films is an award-winning content provider and a global leader in the IMAX®/Giant Screen industry. Its mission is to entertain and inspire audiences and immerse them in the awe and wonder of the natural world. SK produced and distributed the most awarded Giant Screen film of all time, Flight of the Butterflies. For more information, please visit SKFilms.ca.