New Models for the New Normal

Fundraising of film production budgets and distribution marketing will become increasingly more challenging in the competitive, post-COVID environment. Investors require ROI, but well-aligned sponsors present a unique opportunity to drive box office and differentiate a film’s support package when in consideration from buyers. In this session, we’ll explore the new approaches for the new realities, not only for producers and distributors, but for theaters too. The session will be broken up into three sections: The role of equity investments and sponsorships Making sponsorships work for [...]

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Theater and Filmmaking Insights: Sharing for Success, Richard Morrison, IMAX Melbourne

Previously titled “Giant Screen 101,” this session is more than just a first-timer’s introduction to the giant screen industry. Seasoned veterans and newcomers alike will take away new ideas and contacts from this highly engaging and informative session. The session includes post-COVID success stories, how to program feature films and documentaries, and how to make giant screen theaters stand out from the competition. Filmmakers share insights on the challenges of making films for the giant screen as well as the wonderful creative opportunities provided by [...]

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Theater Operations Survey Results

From ticket prices, programming, attendance, capture rates, marketing, budgeting, staffing, concessions, and much more, this Giant Screen Cinema Association webinar looks at the results of an extensive survey GSCA conducted in 2019 to understand how theaters structure their operations. This webinar was presented on December 3, 2019,  by GSCA Member Services Committee Co-Chairs Marlene Janetos and Mary Jane Dodge.  Download Webinar Slides Download PDF of Full Results

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Budget-Friendly Marketing Ideas

Getting the most from your communications, marketing, and advertising spend is always important. Over the past year, many theaters have embraced the challenge of doing more with less and have improved the efficiency of their marketing operations. In this webinar, we’ll hear from three theaters that have found success with more focused budgets including: Alexandra Van Der Zee, Omniversum, The Hague, Netherlands Sharlene Argyres and Donna Domenici, New Mexico Museum of Natural History, Albuquerque, New Mexico James Nesmith, Science Spectrum, Lubbock, Texas As a bonus, [...]

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How Giant Screen Programming Can Expand The Opportunities for Member and Donor Engagement

By Diane Carlson, Giant Screen Cinema Consulting "Members and donors are a strategic stakeholder group, and it is beneficial to the institution as a whole for them to have a special relationship with the GS theater that transcends the transactional act of buying a ticket." There is generally a lot of discussion about how giant screen (GS) films can be linked to education or exhibit programming. There has not been as much discussion of how the theater can link to other endeavors of [...]

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A Theater’s Wild Success

By Diane Carlson, Giant Screen Cinema Consulting "Long lead time is really important to extend your marketing reach through partnerships with other organizations, especially when you have limited funds. But it is also key to your own campaigns." The Royal British Columbia Museum, founded in the provincial capital, Victoria, in 1886 as the British Columbia Museum, partnered with Utah-based Destination Cinema, Inc. (DCI), to open a 369-seat IMAX theater in June of 1998, with DCI as owner and operator. Between June 1998 and [...]

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