LED Technology for Digital Domes

Dome theaters have consistently faced the historic challenges of 1) low contrast due to light bounce across the dome surface, 2) the need for multiple projectors to create acceptable resolution, 3) low brightness due to low reflectivity of the dome surface to minimize light bounce and scatter, and 4) the maintenance of a complex projection system and cost of lamps and other consumables. Enter the LED dome. This breakthrough, game-changing technology addresses all of the historic concerns: 1) LED offers nearly unlimited contrast, 2) the [...]

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Aspect Ratios: The Shape of Cinema

Nothing could be as boring as aspect ratios, right? Well, you haven’t seen Jonathan Bird’s exciting and fascinating look at aspect ratios and how we got to where we are today. This short presentation looks at the history of aspect ratio in cinema, how it affected lens design, film evolution, projector design and culminated in the unique (some would say odd) 1.43:1 aspect ratio of IMAX. And while something as mundane as aspect ratio might not seem very exciting, it is in fact the very [...]

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