Museon-Omniversum’s Award-Winning Campaign for Secrets of the Sea

By combining the film with programming and activities in the museum we allow the visitor to dive even deeper into the themes of the film Museon-Omniversum won a 2023 GSCA Achievement Award for Best Film Launch by a Theater for this launch of Secrets of the Sea. The judges noted the effectiveness of the many layers of programming that combined the film with activities and interactive experiences. Every department of the museum was invested in ensuring the film’s success and raising awareness of ocean conversation. Here’s how [...]

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Masterclass Bonus: Repurposing Content

Here's a bonus clip that was not included in the Masterclass. Masterclass presenters Ryan Holota (Saskatchewan Science Centre) and Mary Jane Dodge (MacGillivray Freeman Films) discuss how to repurpose content to create multiple marketing pieces and social media posts.

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Lessons from the Sphere

By Lori Rick, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, MacGillivray Freeman Films "Take a look at the Sphere’s website and you’ll see how much it focuses on the 'experience' visitors will have." During the GSCA Marketing Committee’s conference call this month, our team discussed the recent opening of the Sphere in Las Vegas, and what insights, if any, we can leverage for the giant screen theater industry. Here are a few takeaways we felt were worth sharing. The giant screen experience is alive [...]

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Marketing Masterclass

It's no surprise that the GSCA State of the Giant Screen Industry Survey consistently indicates a correlation between marketing and revenue. Theaters that market the giant screen experience and films have higher attendance and revenue than those that don't. Join us for the first GSCA Marketing Masterclass for tips and tools on how and when to market. During the masterclass, learners from all levels of giant screen experience will gather valuable marketing information, including: What’s the first thing you do after you book a film? [...]

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6 Habits of Highly Effective Theaters

Presentation of giant screen films is paramount to setting the experience apart from what a regular moviegoer experiences at a multiplex. A 1986 IMAX service manual stated, “The combination of a dedicated theatre staff and the IMAX system can provide a spectacular experience for audiences. To maintain this level of achievement, the staff and equipment involved in this unique communication process must function at optimum efficiency. This is the challenge of every performance.” Truer words have never been spoken, and as we see multiplex screens [...]

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How Alternative Content Works for Us

The big takeaway from how we approach alternative content is that it must have an experience attached to it to be successful. Anyone can show alternative content and likely have a decent enough crowd, but consistent sell-outs for the content on its own is unlikely. Theaters need to find that unique hook, leverage the other areas of their institutions to offer guests something unique that they can’t get anywhere else, or find community partners. The presentation will also include results from the GSCA Alternative Content [...]

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Gen Z: Opening Our Doors to the Future

The future is Gen Z. If you want to understand the future of our industry—whether it’s exhibition, production, or distribution—you need to understand Gen Z. Born 1997–2012, Gen Z is engaged and entering the work force and our theatres as we speak! They are expressing their opinions and rewriting the norms. Members of Gen Z are resourceful and independent learners who value diversity, inclusivity, and authenticity. They are passionate about social impact and environmental responsibility, and their top priorities include wellbeing and mental health. Do [...]

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Partnering for Success

Post COVID, many giant screen theaters have been challenged to revive attendance to their documentary films. How can theaters and distributors work together so both succeed? How can distributors best position theaters for success? And how can theaters maximize the opportunities of a film to build and sustain audience interest? Hear directly from your peers about best practices that include using social media, selling the experience, and using tried-and-true basic tactics. Included will be examples of leveraging internal resources across institutional divisions. Smart and cost-efficient [...]

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New Models for the New Normal

Fundraising of film production budgets and distribution marketing will become increasingly more challenging in the competitive, post-COVID environment. Investors require ROI, but well-aligned sponsors present a unique opportunity to drive box office and differentiate a film’s support package when in consideration from buyers. In this session, we’ll explore the new approaches for the new realities, not only for producers and distributors, but for theaters too. The session will be broken up into three sections: The role of equity investments and sponsorships Making sponsorships work for [...]

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