January 10, 2022—The world premiere of “Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia” film and exhibition debuts at the California Science Center February 16, 2022. Through 120 original artifacts—half on tour outside Cambodia for the first time—and hands-on exhibits, guests will use the lens of science to explore the ancient empire of Angkor. Once considered the most extensive metropolis in the world, Angkor houses over 100 temples, now mysteriously quiet and surrounded by the dense Cambodian forest. The film is distributed by K2 Studios.

“Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia,” developed by Museums Partner in collaboration with the California Science Center, the National Museum of Cambodia, and the Cambodian Ministry of Culture, uses science to reveal insights into the rise and fall of ancient Angkor as well as its enduring legacy.

Guests will learn how the tools of archaeology, from decoding inscriptions to aerial surveying and laser scanning, have enriched our knowledge about the engineering and cultural marvels of an empire, the daily life of its people, and the environmental challenges that shaped its future.

Exhibition tickets go on sale February 6, 2022 and can be purchased at https://californiasciencecenter.org/visit/admission/get-tickets.

Science Center President and CEO Jeffrey N. Rudolph notes that “I’m pleased to collaborate with the Cambodian Ministry of Culture, National Museum of Cambodia and Museums Partnerto bring the world premiere of this exhibition to the California Science Center. It shows, in a profound way, how the tools of science can advance our understanding of the ancient past and preserve cultural heritage for future generations.”

Science Center Senior Vice President, Diane Perlov, says, “Our hope is that this extraordinary exhibition inspires interest not only in the legacy of Angkor, but interest in the process of science, the knowledge that science reveals, and the heritage it preserves.”

“Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia” exhibition is on display at the California Science Center from February 16 through September 5, 2022, along with a visually stunning IMAX movie featuring an epic adventure where science, mystery and ancient civilization intersect. Adult combo tickets for both the exhibition and IMAX movie are $25.25, with various discounts available. Exhibition tickets are $19.95 for adults and IMAX ticket prices range from $6.75 to $8.95 with additional discounts when purchasing both the exhibition and IMAX movie, and special discounts for Members, groups of 15 or more people and private events.

To buy exhibition and/or IMAX tickets call 213-744-2019 or visit https://californiasciencecenter.org/visit/admission/get-tickets. Please check the Science Center website for the latest COVID protocols.

The exhibition is set to tour nationally and internationally at the culmination of its debut at the California Science Center.

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Source: California Science Center