Gen Z: Opening Our Doors to the Future

The future is Gen Z. If you want to understand the future of our industry—whether it’s exhibition, production, or distribution—you need to understand Gen Z. Born 1997–2012, Gen Z is engaged and entering the work force and our theatres as we speak! They are expressing their opinions and rewriting the norms. Members of Gen Z are resourceful and independent learners who value diversity, inclusivity, and authenticity. They are passionate about social impact and environmental responsibility, and their top priorities include wellbeing and mental health. Do [...]

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Theater and Filmmaking Insights: Sharing for Success: Susan Todd, Archipelago Films

Previously titled “Giant Screen 101,” this session is more than just a first-timer’s introduction to the giant screen industry. Seasoned veterans and newcomers alike will take away new ideas and contacts from this highly engaging and informative session. The session includes post-COVID success stories, how to program feature films and documentaries, and how to make giant screen theaters stand out from the competition. Filmmakers share insights on the challenges of making films for the giant screen as well as the wonderful creative opportunities provided by [...]

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The Making of Apollo 11: First Steps Edition

The Apollo 11 mission was one of the crowning achievements of a generation. In this webinar, we talk to the creative team that brought this incredible mission to a new generation on the giant screen. Moderated by IMAX Sound Designer Brian Eimer, ImagesInSound Featuring:  Todd Douglas Miller, Director Tom Petersen, Producer Will Cox, Film Restoration and Post Services Eric Milano, Sound Designer Ben Feist, Audio Restoration David Keighley, IMAX Chief Quality Guru  Matt Morton, Composer

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New Directions in Giant Screen Films

How do we keep giant screen programming relevant in this digital age? What market trends can inform us about what today’s audiences are seeking? How do we best position our theaters in this new, post-pandemic era? These questions and more will be explored, guided by recent case studies from films such as Mesmerica and Superpower Dogs that reveal the unique power of giant screen cinema to deeply engage and inform audiences. Presented at the GSCA 2021 Virtual Conference Session organizer: Ed Lantz, Vortex Immersion Media Presenters: Jonathan Bird, President [...]

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