2024 GSCA Marketing Awards Submission

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A separate form must be submitted for each award entry. Formatting does not translate once the form is submitted, so please do not use bold, italics, bullet points, or special character formatting. It is recommended that you use the Word document worksheet provided at the web link above and type out your answers before entering them on this form.
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Share the names, titles, and email addresses for the people responsible for this campaign.

Marketing Plan Describe the context, goals, strategies and tactics involved in planning this program. For context, please include the size of your market and your budget, including in-kind sponsorships, as this will be taken into consideration when comparing campaigns from different-sized markets. Please limit your response to about 600 words (about2,700 characters). This section represents 20% of the judging: 2% = Context: market size, advertising/promotion budget including in-kind sponsorships 6% = Goals: Attendance, targeting new audiences, integration with museum or community programs, etc. 12% = Strategies and tactics: What is the BIG idea?

Describe how you implemented the following elements in your campaign: public relations, promotions, advertising, social media, collateral materials, and other elements. Judging in this section is based on creativity and quality of execution. Please limit your response to no more than 600 words (about 2700 characters).

This section represents 60% of the judging:

10% = Public Relations: Other than a press release, what was different? 10% = Promotions: What was the BIG idea? Did you involve community participants? 10% = Advertising: budget, mediums, samples of creative 10% = Social Media: include metrics and screen shots 10% = Collateral Materials: samples 10% = other elements: speakers, community tie-ins, etc.

Describe the impact of the launch and how the results correlate to the campaign’s goals. Include quantifiable results, such as attendance, box office, visibility, impressions, new audiences reached, etc. Please limit your response to no more than 600 words (about 2700 characters).

This section represents 20% of the judging and is mandatory for consideration in the judging process.

GSCA Marketing Library*
The GSCA website features a marketing resource library, and we would like to include campaigns that have been submitted for awards consideration. We would include a summary of the campaign, as well as some of the visuals and marketing examples you may provide. Do you give us permission to include your campaign in the library? Inclusion in the library is completely voluntary and in no way affects awards consideration.

Items to submit

We encourage you to submit supplemental materials such as scans or PDFs of ads, media coverage, and other marketing materials; links to YouTube videos or web pages dedicated to the campaign; event photos; .mp3, .mp4, and other video files, etc. All items should be saved in a single folder with your organization in the folder name so we can match the items with your submission. Please send via your preferred file-sharing service to tammy@giantscreencinema.com or contact Tammy for instructions on how to upload the files to GSCA’s Dropbox account.

All submission forms and materials must be received by July 19. Thank you for your submission. Winners will be announced at the GSCA Achievement Awards Program in Chattanooga, TN.

GSCA 2024 Marketing Awards Submission

Eligible campaigns must have been completed between June 1, 2023, and May 31, 2024. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions stated in the eligibility requirements, which can be found here (the submission worksheet can also be found at this link): Awards Criteria

Submissions and supporting materials must be received by July 19.