September 22, 2015—GSCA is pleased to announce the release of the Digital Immersive Giant Screen Specifications (DIGSS) 1.2, the second formal revision of the DIGSS 1.0 document that was the result of the Digital Immersive Screen Colloquium for Unified Standards and Specifications (DISCUSS). In DIGSS version 1.2, the GSCA technical committee made relatively modest changes to the values of several specifications in Section 1 to reflect the latest advances in technology (e.g., laser‐illuminated projection and object‐based sound systems) and to accommodate other known practical technologies that may become economically viable in the next few years.

Specifically, changes have been made to the sections on dome resolution, 3D peak white luminance, narrow‐angle luminance uniformity, 3D ghosting, and audio channels. The sections on white chromaticity and colorimetry have been renamed “Color Gamut” and reference made to the Rec. 709 (acceptable) and Rec. 2020 (recommended) standards. All other elements of DIGSS 1.1 are unchanged.

Click here to download the 1.2 document (no login required).

DIGSS is an initiative to establish technical specifications for digital theaters with giant flat and dome screens. DIGSS shares many of the goals of the Digital Cinema Initiatives specification (which standardized digital projection for multiplex movie theaters), and presents specifications for the unique requirements of ultra-high resolution digital giant screens that were not part of the DCI specification. DIGSS compliant theaters may be fully DCI compliant, partially DCI compliant or non-DCI compliant.

DIGSS describes compatible immersive cinema formats that are clearly differentiated from those of conventional movie theaters, with the goal of establishing a global, open-access network that is large enough to support a robust market of films designed specifically for giant screens.

DIGSS is intended to be modified and adapted to the needs of the community it serves as circumstances change. The original DIGSS 1.0 document was published in 2010, and the first minor revision, version 1.1, was finalized in June 2014. 

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