""May 15, 2022—K2 Studios has announced that industry veteran Ed
Capelle will retire this year after 35 years in the giant screen
industry, the last 20 of which were as VP of Distribution for K2.
Capelle will work his normal schedule through May and then on a reduced
schedule for June and July until he is officially retired.

began his career in the giant screen industry in 1987 when Don Muchmore
with the California Museum Foundation and Jeff Rudolph of the California
Science Center hired him to manage the Mitsubishi IMAX Theater (now the
California Science Center IMAX Theater). Two years later Richard James
hired Ed to manage film distribution at Cinema Group, later renamed
Destination Cinema (DCI). Ed eventually became president of DCI and was
there until 2001. From DCI, Ed went to the National Wildlife Federation
where he was president of distribution until 2003.

In 2003 he started Capelle and Associates Consulting, where K2 Communications (now K2 Studios) was one of his primary clients.
Ed worked closely with K2’s Bob and Mark Kresser over the years,
eventually working exclusively with K2 in both distribution and
production as Senior Vice President of Distribution.


Mark Kresser and Ed Capelle in 2004. Photo by James Hyder. © 2004 by Cinergetics, LLC.

most important thing Ed wants to emphasize as he approaches retirement
is to express his appreciation: “Thanks to Don Muchmore and Jeff Rudolph
for letting me take a stab at running an IMAX theater, and to Mike
Sullivan for believing I was the right person for the job.  Thank you,
Jeff Kirsch, for recommending me to Richard James. Richard, you gave me
my start in the giant screen distribution and production business.
Thanks for believing in me. Thanks to National Geographic’s John Fahey
for giving me the chance to run DCI. Thanks to Chris Palmer for giving
me the opportunity at National Wildlife Federation. And finally, thanks
to Bob and Mark Kresser for having faith in me and giving me an absolute
dream job for close to 20 years. What a great run we had! And thanks to
all of my friends in the business. I could not have had the success
that I enjoyed without your support!”

We at GSCA thank
Ed for his many contributions to the giant screen industry and wish him
the very best in his retirement. Ed, we look forward to following your
future travel and diving adventures on Facebook.

You can read the announcement from K2 Studios about Ed’s retirement here