January 26, 2023—Michelle Duncan has joined Flying Fish Exhibits as Lead Exhibition Manager, where she will work with exhibition managers and the sales team to coordinate all operational scheduling and deliverables while working closely with each hosting venue to ensure they have everything they need for a successful exhibition.

Prior to joining Flying Fish Exhibits, Michelle was at The Tech Interactive in San Jose from 2005-2020, in roles from console operator to IMAX Theater Operations Director, and she spent three years as Operations Manager for Merlin Entertainments from 2020-2023, opening the new Legoland Discovery Center Bay Area.

Michelle has been an active member of GSCA since 2008, serving on multiple committees and as a member of the GSCA Board of Directors. Michelle and her team at The Tech Interactive hosted GSCA’s Dome Day in 2012 and 2015.

Michelle can be reached at michelle@flyingfishexhibits.com. We look forward to continuing to work with Michelle in her new role.