GSCA’s Digital Cinema Naming Convention tool

GSCA Digital Cinema Naming Convention GSCA's Digital Cinema Naming Convention tool The GSCA Innovations Committee has established best practices and created a tool for naming DCDM files, similar to practices established by the Inter-Society Digital Cinema Forum (ISDCF). The GSCA Digital Cinema Naming Convention tool generates a file name that will inform vendors what the file contains so the artistic integrity is maintained during exhibition. This tool is especially important for submitting content for GSCA events. It is critical that when the file is received, [...]

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Focus on Film Scanning

As part one of a session to be continued at another time on the giant screen, we explore the challenges of capturing high-quality and high-resolution digital scans of 65mm film. Four companies, including FotoKem, IMAX, Prasad Corp, and MacGillivray Freeman Films, share their techniques, innovations, and unique approaches to digitizing film. In part two, when we are able to meet in person, we will see examples of scans using the same film source in a head-to-head comparison in 4K, 8K, 11K, and 16K scans on [...]

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Production and Postproduction Workflow Guidelines (P3W)

The GSCA’s Production and Postproduction Workflow (P3W) documents were designed to provide filmmakers with technical guidelines on how to produce content for the Giant Screen. There are two workflows, one for picture and one for audio. Both include a workflow diagram and a textual document providing more detailed information on the specifics of the production and postproduction processes. The GSCA Innovations Committee created these documents to help ensure films brought to our giant screens meet our historically high standards of picture and audio quality. The [...]

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The Making of Apollo 11: First Steps Edition

The Apollo 11 mission was one of the crowning achievements of a generation. In this webinar, we talk to the creative team that brought this incredible mission to a new generation on the giant screen. Moderated by IMAX Sound Designer Brian Eimer, ImagesInSound Featuring:  Todd Douglas Miller, Director Tom Petersen, Producer Will Cox, Film Restoration and Post Services Eric Milano, Sound Designer Ben Feist, Audio Restoration David Keighley, IMAX Chief Quality Guru  Matt Morton, Composer

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Navigating the Complexities of the Giant Screen Postproduction Pipeline

Producing a giant screen film is a complicated and intricate process that is made even more challenging, not simpler, by the variety of digital technologies in the production pipeline. In this webinar, our panel of filmmakers, postproduction experts, sound designers/mixers, and distributors will pull back the curtain on the process of preparing a giant screen film for distribution. There are many steps and a multitude of formats that filmmakers must create to accommodate wildly different projection systems that require their own specialized picture and audio [...]

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The Art of the Digital Intermediate

In this informative session, Zachary Peterson and Jonathan Bird walk the audience through the process of DI for giant screen, which includes image processing (sky extensions, noise reduction, etc.) and color grading, with considerations for projection on both flat and dome screens. The presentation uses several scenes from the MacGillivray Freeman film Ireland as examples. Organized by the GSCA Innovations Committee, co-chaired by Michael Daut, Michael Daut Productions, and Christian Fry, CVF Productions. Presenters: Jonathan Bird, Oceanic Research Group Zachary Peterson, MacGillivray Freeman Films Noah [...]

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Shooting for the Giant Screen

Filmmaking for the dome is quite different from the flat screen. There are special considerations in composition, action, lighting, editing, and grading to produce films that really work on the hemispherical screen. Jonathan Bird shares a basic introduction to filmmaking for the unique demands of the dome. Session organized by the GSCA Innovations Committee for the GSCA 2022 International Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Committee Co-Chairs Michael Daut, Michael Daut Productions; and Christian Fry, CVF Productions. Presenter: Jonathan Bird, Oceanic Research Group. [...]

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