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Gen Z: Opening Our Doors to the Future

The future is Gen Z. If you want to understand the future of our industry—whether it’s exhibition, production, or distribution—you need to understand Gen Z. Born 1997–2012, Gen Z is engaged and entering the work force and our theatres as we speak! They are expressing their opinions and rewriting the norms. Members of Gen Z are resourceful and independent learners who value diversity, inclusivity, and authenticity. They are passionate about social impact and environmental responsibility, and their top priorities include wellbeing and mental health. Do [...]

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Energize Your Marketing Efforts: What You Can Do Now!

Market it and they will come, but with marketing budgets drastically reduced or even eliminated, how do you activate moviegoers and generate theatre attendance? This session will provide tips on new and inexpensive marketing tactics for launching films and energizing the theater. You’ll hear from successful theaters and outside experts about how to make your digital marketing plan more effective, including how to select the best social media channel for various target audiences, reorganize your YouTube channel, email marketing strategies, use mobile messaging to get [...]

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PR 101: Launching a Film Using Featured Talent

Looking for a creative way to launch a new film? Two GSCA member museums share tips on using featured talent to launch a giant screen film. The Denver Museum of Nature & Science made the star of their Extreme Weather 3D marketing campaign an object instead of a person—The Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV). The TIV, dropped off by filmmaker Sean Casey, rolled up to the museum to much fanfare and was positioned in front of the museum for three weeks. Maura O’Neal, DMNS’s Communications and [...]

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Digital Marketing Tools for Theaters and Distributors

Learn about some of the latest strategies and tactics being used to successfully market giant screen films. Presenters include: Brian Siddle from Strong Coffee Marketing and Aileen Robertson from Cosmic Picture  share details of the marketing campaign for Superpower Dogs, winner of the GSCA 2019 Achievement Award for Best Marketing Campaign by a Distributor, and what you should keep in mind as you develop your own digital marketing campaigns. Lea Silver shares IMAX Victoria's digital marketing successes in launching Great Bear Rainforest. Lori Rick and Shauna Badheka [...]

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Budget-Friendly Marketing Ideas

Getting the most from your communications, marketing, and advertising spend is always important. Over the past year, many theaters have embraced the challenge of doing more with less and have improved the efficiency of their marketing operations. In this webinar, we’ll hear from three theaters that have found success with more focused budgets including: Alexandra Van Der Zee, Omniversum, The Hague, Netherlands Sharlene Argyres and Donna Domenici, New Mexico Museum of Natural History, Albuquerque, New Mexico James Nesmith, Science Spectrum, Lubbock, Texas As a bonus, [...]

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Marketing Focused Social Media

Social media marketing has moved beyond just Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with TikTok exploding onto the scene—creating new social media superstars and opportunities for engagement and impact. In this session, we’ll take a bird’s eye view of the platform and then dive in deep with a small museum that gained more than a million followers in just a few months. Next, we’ll learn why the audience on TikTok might just be the best one to engage for real social change—if you can connect with them [...]

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Theater Re-Opening Success Stories

Theater Reopening Success Stories is a special report featuring tips and inspiring stories from theaters that have seen high demand for the premium theater experience since reopening after the COVID-19 shutdowns. Find out how they and other GSCA members are managing challenges, embracing opportunities, rethinking how they reach audiences, and finding hope for the future. Organized by the GSCA Member Services Committee, with special thanks to Ryan Holota (Saskatchewan Science Centre), Heather Farnworth (Ontario Science Centre), Diane Carlson (Giant Screen Cinema Consulting), and Shauna Badheka (MacGillivray [...]

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