Take a trip on the wild side! IMAX Melbourne/Museum Victoria combined forces with IMAX Darling Harbour to create a major PR splash for the launch of Born to Be Wild 3D. In an effort to promote the movie on a national scale, the two partnered together to pursue a donation from a travel agency for a trip package to either Borneo or Kenya. They successfully secured a $20,000 luxury cruise for two to Borneo from Orion Expedition Cruises. Working together with shared key messaging about the movie, IMAX Melbourne Museum and IMAX Darling Harbour pitched the trip package as a competition to national television programs.    

The Circle, a popular Australian morning talk show (similar to The View in the US), hosted the competition as a week-long event in April 2011. The competition was managed on The Circle website and promoted on the show, featuring clips of interviews with Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas and Dame Daphne Sheldrick from LA Press Day.

View The Circle segment 1: IMAX Melbourne Born to Be Wild Tourism Competition

View The Circle segment 2: IMAX Melbourne Born to Be Wild Tourism Winner

IMAX Melbourne/Museum Victoria won a GSCA Achievement Award for Best Film Launch by a Theater in 2011 for its launch of Born to Be Wild. Pictured above is Richard Morrison, General Manager, accepting the award.