6 Habits of Highly Effective Theaters

Presentation of giant screen films is paramount to setting the experience apart from what a regular moviegoer experiences at a multiplex. A 1986 IMAX service manual stated, “The combination of a dedicated theatre staff and the IMAX system can provide a spectacular experience for audiences. To maintain this level of achievement, the staff and equipment involved in this unique communication process must function at optimum efficiency. This is the challenge of every performance.” Truer words have never been spoken, and as we see multiplex screens [...]

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Theater and Filmmaking Insights: Sharing for Success, Richard Morrison, IMAX Melbourne

Previously titled “Giant Screen 101,” this session is more than just a first-timer’s introduction to the giant screen industry. Seasoned veterans and newcomers alike will take away new ideas and contacts from this highly engaging and informative session. The session includes post-COVID success stories, how to program feature films and documentaries, and how to make giant screen theaters stand out from the competition. Filmmakers share insights on the challenges of making films for the giant screen as well as the wonderful creative opportunities provided by [...]

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Theater Operations Survey Results

From ticket prices, programming, attendance, capture rates, marketing, budgeting, staffing, concessions, and much more, this Giant Screen Cinema Association webinar looks at the results of an extensive survey GSCA conducted in 2019 to understand how theaters structure their operations. This webinar was presented on December 3, 2019,  by GSCA Member Services Committee Co-Chairs Marlene Janetos and Mary Jane Dodge.  Download Webinar Slides Download PDF of Full Results

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Theater Disinfection Products and Technologies for COVID and Beyond

Whether currently opened or making plans to re-open, theaters everywhere have had to consider a plethora of new health and safety protocols, many of which have been implemented. Adopting a holistic, “healthy building” approach appears to be the new normal, and the search for the best practices and products continues. In this webinar, we’ll focus on a few new products and technologies (based on old science) that are being used in interior public spaces, such as theaters, to effectively disinfect the air and surfaces. An [...]

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Theater Reopening Tips and Best Practices

What are the top three things that made a difference in reopening a theater? GSCA member theaters will take us inside their theaters in a lightning round of the top three things that made a difference in their reopening. They’ll share their insights and advice on everything from operations to programming, ticketing, and marketing. Presented at the GSCA 2021 Virtual Conference Session organizer: Therese Andrade Presenters: John Armistead, Manager of IMAX, Sci-Port Louisiana’s Science Center, Shreveport, LA Caroline Borgudd, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, [...]

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New Content and New Ways to Program

In this session we’ll explore innovative new programming, including both new content and new ways to program more traditional content. Our panel of giant screen theater and distribution veterans will share examples, their experiences with it, and their recommendations for success. This session will address these and other questions: How can you stay true to your brand, focus on the consumer, and expand your business? How does a theater determine what new audiences may be underserved by their current slate, and what programming changes would [...]

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Box Office Rally: Creative Ways to Upsell

Improv actors Mookie Harris and Kelsey VanVoorst perform scripted and improvised scenes using real-life box office situations to propose creative ways to upsell and increase capture rate. This session was part of the GSCA Marketing Symposium held in Chicago in 2017.

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Theater Re-Opening Success Stories

Theater Reopening Success Stories is a special report featuring tips and inspiring stories from theaters that have seen high demand for the premium theater experience since reopening after the COVID-19 shutdowns. Find out how they and other GSCA members are managing challenges, embracing opportunities, rethinking how they reach audiences, and finding hope for the future. Organized by the GSCA Member Services Committee, with special thanks to Ryan Holota (Saskatchewan Science Centre), Heather Farnworth (Ontario Science Centre), Diane Carlson (Giant Screen Cinema Consulting), and Shauna Badheka (MacGillivray [...]

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Popcorn, Sodas, and Candy…Oh, My!

By Michelle Duncan, formerly from The Tech and now at Flying Fish Exhibits "There are choices that you can make to help achieve your revenue and operational goals for your concessions stand, from pricing to product choice and even to sizing." The IMAX® Dome Theater at The Tech Museum in San Jose, California, opened in 1998. In 2003, we began to offer traditional movie concessions. I know that some institutional giant screens are just dipping their toes into the concessions world. As we [...]

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A Theater’s Wild Success

By Diane Carlson, Giant Screen Cinema Consulting "Long lead time is really important to extend your marketing reach through partnerships with other organizations, especially when you have limited funds. But it is also key to your own campaigns." The Royal British Columbia Museum, founded in the provincial capital, Victoria, in 1886 as the British Columbia Museum, partnered with Utah-based Destination Cinema, Inc. (DCI), to open a 369-seat IMAX theater in June of 1998, with DCI as owner and operator. Between June 1998 and [...]

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