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How Alternative Content Works for Us

The big takeaway from how we approach alternative content is that it must have an experience attached to it to be successful. Anyone can show alternative content and likely have a decent enough crowd, but consistent sell-outs for the content on its own is unlikely. Theaters need to find that unique hook, leverage the other areas of their institutions to offer guests something unique that they can’t get anywhere else, or find community partners. The presentation will also include results from the GSCA Alternative Content [...]

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Theater and Filmmaking Insights: Sharing for Success, Richard Morrison, IMAX Melbourne

Previously titled “Giant Screen 101,” this session is more than just a first-timer’s introduction to the giant screen industry. Seasoned veterans and newcomers alike will take away new ideas and contacts from this highly engaging and informative session. The session includes post-COVID success stories, how to program feature films and documentaries, and how to make giant screen theaters stand out from the competition. Filmmakers share insights on the challenges of making films for the giant screen as well as the wonderful creative opportunities provided by [...]

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Alternative Content Webinar

As many of us had to pivot during the past two years,  new “alternative” content became the buzzword. For our industry, alternative content is, but is not limited to, feature films, concerts, theater presentations, live presentations, gaming, etc. GSCA and the GSCA Industry Development Committee review the results of the Alternative Content Survey that was conducted the summer of 2022. It is the hope of the committee that this survey serves as a catalyst for ongoing discussion regarding this topic. The learnings from the survey [...]

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New Content and New Ways to Program

In this session we’ll explore innovative new programming, including both new content and new ways to program more traditional content. Our panel of giant screen theater and distribution veterans will share examples, their experiences with it, and their recommendations for success. This session will address these and other questions: How can you stay true to your brand, focus on the consumer, and expand your business? How does a theater determine what new audiences may be underserved by their current slate, and what programming changes would [...]

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The National STEM Gaming Network: Esports Takes Over the Big Screen

The explosive popularity of "esports'' and video games presents a fantastic opportunity for science and technology centers to engage the K-12 audience and offer unique educational opportunities. Embedded in every video game are rich elements of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. With our combined technology, alignment of our educational missions, and assets such as giant screen digital cinemas, science and technology centers are excellent venues to host educational and entertaining programs based around gaming. From matches and tournaments, to watch parties and livestream viewing [...]

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